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We always provide best solutions for the needed reform.

Some issues are distinctive to each industry, and others are common to all industries. Only when they resolve both types can companies solidify the foundation of their business and discern the path to further growth. In both the industrial and functional fields, we employ experts who are versed in the issues and set up cross-organizational teams to always provide the very best consulting services.

Industry Practices

Public Sector

National government and Ministries, Local governments, Public benefit corporations, etc.
Along with the progress of globalization and advances in IT, programs spanning the public and private sectors for redesign of conventional socioeconomic systems, organizations/business processes, and information systems are assuming increasing importance. We deliver consulting services that contribute to social and organizational innovation from the perspectives of creative and strategic initiative.

  • e-Government (national and local levels)
  • Social system design
  • Analysis and future forecasting of trends in technology
  • Export of public infrastructural elements
  • Design thinking
  • Public-private partnership
  • Open data

Financial Sector

Banks, Securities, Life insurance, Non-bank financial institutions, etc.
In Japan, population is declining and companies are shifting sites to other countries. Under these circumstances, it is becoming imperative for financial institutions to build new business models at an early date as their balance sheets shrink. Through our consulting services for these institutions and related organizations, we take action toward the maintenance and advancement of Japan's financial system.

  • Social media marketing
  • Next-generation channels and sales offices
  • Settlement/Payment
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)/Business process re-engineering (BPR)
  • IT governance
  • Conception of next-generation systems
  • Contingency plan (CP)/Business continuity planning (BCP)
  • Reinforcement of internal control
  • R&D

Industrial Sector

Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, etc.
In Japan, factors such as contraction of the domestic market, the strong yen, surplus of supply, and low prices for finished products have rapidly worsened the business climate for companies in this sector. The situation calls for a dynamic acceleration of both defensive and offensive strategy on a global scale. Through practical business consulting drawing on our wealth of experience and expertise, we support the construction of foundations for a new round of growth and competitive edge as the strategic brains of our clients.

  • Manufacturing and distribution strategy
  • Logistics strategy
  • Information and communications strategy
  • Development of new business and services
  • Strategic marketing
  • BPR and change management
  • Management reform

Functional Practices

IT and Information Strategy

We provide full support for chief information officers (CIOs) in companies and administrative institutions in their efforts to maximize the effects obtained from IT investment, and promote the fusion of management, frontline operations, and IT divisions. Taking higher levels of IT investment efficiency, lower IT risks, and creation of additional value through IT as our main themes, we make effective use of our deep store of cross-industry know-how to provide best solutions to our clients.

  • Drafting and deployment of information strategy
  • Grand IT design plans
  • IT management structures
  • Activation of IT divisions and subsidiaries
  • IT risk management (systems audit etc.)
  • Promotion of Project Management of Offices
  • New IT service planning and feasibility assessment

Society, Environment and Energy

The environmental and energy sectors continue to be the scene of dynamic developments exemplified by the revision of energy policy, approaches to global warming, and recycling of dwindling resources. They also hold much promise for industrial activity. We promote client approaches through activities including support for smart community development, assistance with export of infrastructural elements, and creation of new business by private-sector consortiums.

  • Development of environmental business and environmental management
  • Social and environmental communication
  • Building of recycling-oriented social systems
  • Measures to mitigate global warming
  • New energy and energy conservation
  • Systems for assurance of safety/security and management of chemical substances
  • Smart communities
  • Infrastructural export

Global Services

The globalization of the Japanese economy is widening from the offshore migration of supply chains in the manufacturing sector to encompass overseas siting in the service sector and export of energy, railways, and other components of the industrial infrastructure as well as those of the information system infrastructure. The scope of companies involved is broadening in the process. We make full use of the global network of the NTT DATA Group in providing support for such activities, both in Japan and in other host countries.

  • Global infrastructure
  • Global retailing
  • Global logistics
  • Global financial services (banking and payment)

Life Sciences and Community Revitalization

In our view, the following two agendas are important for the creation of sustainable communities in population reduc-tion: 1) stabilization of the fiscal base through promotion of industry and 2) proper conditioning of the life infra-structure, and efficient and effective operation of the same. We aspire to the emergence of societies linked to the future through support for the preparation of both total and individual initiatives by governments and public enterprises, and the drafting of business strategy and creation of new business by private enterprises.

  • Support for the formulation of initiatives for industrial promotion and strengthening of the social infrastructure
  • Support for promotion of industry (primary, secondary, tertiary, and sextiary sector)
  • The sequence from management diagnosis to business strategy (private enterprises, public enterprises, etc.)
  • Support for the creation of new business (private enterprises)
  • Support for business process improvement and reform (private enterprises, public enterprises, etc.)
  • Support for the construction of medical service systems (medical service partnership, remote care, coordination between treatment and nursing, etc.)
  • Support for the construction of business in promotion of health and preventive medicine

Neuro Consulting

Recent years have seen remarkable advances in the field of neuroscience technology. We assist the reinforcement of corporate competitiveness and addition of high -value to business based on incorporation of this advanced technology into a wide range of corporate activities, such as business administration, research and development, and marketing. We also work with clients in programs aimed at innovation through industrial application of neuroscience technology.

  • Formulation of management and business strategy drawing on the results of neuroscience advances
  • Support for the drafting and execution of open innovation strategy in research and development programs revolving around neuroscience
  • Support for the drafting and execution of strategy for service innovation drawing on applied neuroscience technology
  • Support for market cultivation and business creation utilizing neuro-marketing technology
  • Support for extensive application of neuroscience and related investigative research in the .elds of health care, medical services, and welfare services
  • Support for extensive application of neuroscience and related investigative research in public-sector domains (risk management, literacy improvement, etc.)
  • Support for extensive application of neuroscience and related investigative research in the .eld of education (including employee education)

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