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News Release

NTT DATA DX Institute is embarking on a comprehensive expansion to champion the advancement of DX among Japanese firms

In collaboration with esteemed universities’ and research institutions’ DX experts from Europe and the United States.

We are pleased to announce the establishment of “NTT DATA DX Institute” by the NTT DATA Institute of Management Consulting, Inc., headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, under the leadership of CEO, Shigeki Yamaguchi and NTT DATA, headquartered in Koutou-ku, Tokyo, under the leadership of CEO, Yutaka Sasaki. This initiative represents a strategic collaboration with leading academic and research institutions in Europe and the United States, specializing in pioneering research in digital transformation. NTT DATA DX Institute, which engages key executives and decision-makers including Chief Digital Officers, aims to facilitate the digital transformation of Japanese corporations. Following its initial phase commencing in April 2023, the Institute is set for a full-scale launch in April 2024.

Purpose of Establishment

In an era characterized by rapid change and increasing uncertainty, the integration of digital technology has emerged as a pivotal element of corporate strategic planning. NTT DATA has been at the forefront of this evolution, engaging in meaningful dialogues with prominent digital transformation (DX) experts from elite business schools worldwide and specialized think tanks in the US and Europe, dedicated to future-oriented insights. These interactions have led to a profound recognition of the critical role of digital application in shaping competitive business strategies, underscoring the importance of data utilization, ecosystem navigation, customer value creation, and leadership development enabled by digital advancements.


Commencing in April 2023, our efforts have been centered around actively driving digital transformation initiatives, collaborating with leadership from digitally progressive companies and preeminent DX specialists globally. These discussions have been instrumental in generating new perspectives and insights. Building upon this foundation, starting in April 2024, NTT DATA group is set to expand our outreach by officially inviting corporate participation in the "NTT DATA DX Institute." This initiative is strategically designed to facilitate and enhance the digital transformation journey of Japanese enterprises, contributing significantly to their growth and advancement in the digital landscape. This endeavor underscores our commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and strategic excellence in the realm of digital transformation.


In light of our significant progress in the first half of this fiscal year, we have strategically enhanced our framework to further engage and collaborate with Japanese corporations at the forefront of digital transformation. This enhancement aims to motivate a greater number of companies to spearhead Japan's digital transformation, with a commencement set for April 2024.

Research Endeavors

Our focus will be on sharing and intensifying discussions on pioneering digital transformation case studies from diverse sectors. These case studies will serve as practical benchmarks, guiding our initiatives and facilitating best practices.

Implementation of Strategies

A core component of our strategy involves assimilating and applying the methodologies and frameworks developed by global digital transformation (DX) experts and institutions. This includes integrating NTT DATA’s proprietary frameworks such as the Foresight Design Method and Outcome Based Service, thereby supporting the comprehensive application of DX strategies across various managerial and operational facets.

Global Outreach

We are committed to broadcasting the successes and methodologies of Japan's digital transformation endeavors to a global audience, particularly to academic and professional experts in Europe and the United States. Our objective is to share Japanese corporate transformation case studies, positioning them as global exemplars for digital transformation.

This initiative underscores our commitment to leading the evolution of digital practices in the business world, fostering a global exchange of knowledge and strategies that propel organizations towards digital excellence.

Activities in FY2023

We are ardently fostering an internal introduction of Japan through an array of collaborative endeavors and joint researches with esteemed professors and specialists from renowned universities and research institutions in Europe and the United States. These collaborations encompass activities such as the publication of Japanese literary works, intellectual dialogues, and academic seminars. Commencing in April 2023, the enumerated participants will convene monthly scholarly sessions, both in physical and virtual settings. These sessions will focus on illustrative cases of digital transformation, managerial and organizational initiatives, and pragmatic theories. Through these deliberations, participants will enhance their awareness and subsequently integrate their insights into their DX strategic frameworks.

Collaborating subject-matter experts (Listed are those permissible for public disclosure)

①  Overview of Digital Transformation:

-  Mr. Robert Siegel, Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

②Strategic Advancement of Digital Transformation:

- Prof. Ron Adner, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

- Prof. Nicolaj Siggelkow, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

- Prof. Mohan Subramaniam, IMD Business School

③ Leadership and Organizational Design for Digital Transformation:

- Prof. David Rogers, Columbia Business School

④Implementation Techniques for Digital Transformation:

-  Prof. Jonathan Trevor, Oxford Said Business School, University of Oxford

⑤ Future-Focused Approaches:

-  Mr. Andrew Curry, Director of the Future, School of International Future

- Mr. Ben Hamamoto, Research Director, Institute of The Future

Participant Corporations (Names disclosed are permissible for public announcement):


②  All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

③ Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.

④  Tokyu Corporation

⑤ Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive Overview of This Year's Activities


(This figure presents a holistic view of our activities conducted throughout the current fiscal year, encapsulating the breadth and depth of our initiatives and engagements)

Testimonials from participating company’s corporate leaders at the NTT Data DX Institute

Masashi Namatame, Managing Executive Officer and Group Chief Digital Officer, Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. remarked on the enriching experience at DX Institute:

"The platform provided by DX Institute for engaging with global digital transformation leaders has been invaluable. We are deeply appreciative of the chance to interact and exchange insights with other participant companies from various industries. These interactions have been instrumental in refining our digital strategy, and we firmly believe that such collaborative efforts will serve as a catalyst for the digital transformation of Japanese businesses at large. We eagerly anticipate the continued progression and triumphs of the NTT DATA Group in this journey."

Yasuko Kato, Chief Innovation Officer of Digital Transformation, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., shared her perspective:

"Our participation in NTT DATA group’s DX Institute activities has fostered significant dialogues with top-tier professors and experts in the field of digital transformation. These engagements have not only deepened our collaborative ties with other participating companies but have also significantly elevated our organizational acumen in digital transformation strategies. We extend our profound gratitude to the NTT DATA Group for orchestrating such impactful initiatives, which are pivotal to our ongoing digital evolution."

These testimonies from distinguished executives highlight the pivotal role of DX Institute in spearheading digital innovation and fostering strategic development across the Japanese corporate landscape.

Future Prospects and Expansion of the NTT DATA DX Institute

NTT DATA DX Institute is poised to embark on an ambitious phase of growth and global outreach. At next fiscal year, we will extend invitations to executives from over ten distinguished companies, engaging them in our concerted efforts to enhance digital transformation (DX) within their respective organizations. This initiative is aimed not only at fostering DX at a company level but also at amplifying the reach and impact of cutting-edge DX strategies on a global scale.


We anticipate the participation of several Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and their teams from each company. Details regarding the annual membership fees, programs and other conditions will be announced accordingly.


Looking ahead, NTT DATA DX Institute is committed to intensifying its offerings by providing tailored consulting services. These services will be specifically designed to support the unique DX strategies and implementation processes of each client, thereby responding effectively to their individual needs and aspirations.

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