Toward innovation for an enriched future.
Aspiring to be a genuine partner.

In various domains, change is proceeding in society as a whole around the world, along with the deepening of the revolution in information and communications technology. For response to the wants and needs of society in the midst of dynamic change, the present age demands the creation of new value in all sorts of fields, from communications and energy to financing and lifestyle infrastructure.

We at NTT DATA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, Inc. have taken it as our mission to enrich society. In keeping with this mission, we have thus far provided high-value- added knowledge and intelligence to meet diverse wants and needs, through our consulting activities.
Meanwhile, the times continue to change. We are seeing the rise of business models applying new technologies. e times also demand management adapted to internal and external changes in the social and economic environment, as well as organizational management geared for innovation.
We have constantly polished our skills and capabilities while bolstering our approaches to such environmental changes.

Besides the construction of mechanisms for resolution of social issues in areas such as the building of a low-carbon society and fuller coordination in provision of community medical services, this may be exemplified by our pursuit of the latest methodologies and solutions to induce innovation, such as cloud computing, big data, social listening, and applied neuroscience.

We embrace the concept of creating a vision for a new society and building the Info-Future together. In accordance with this concept, we are determined to accelerate our progress in order to genuinely meet the expectations of all our clients. We are committed to moving forward together with our clients to achieve innovation for an enriched future.
We earnestly hope you will give us the opportunity to think and build with you as a solid partner.

Signature: Chairman Atsushi Miyanoya / President & CEO Mitsuru Toyoda /
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