Public Sector

(National government and Ministries, Local governments, Public benefit corporations, etc.)

  • Study on e-Government(national and local) arrangements inside and outside Japan
  • Forecast of future social design and IT trends
  • Study on export of disaster-prevention infrastructures to ASEAN countries
  • Study on open data in administrative services
  • Study on advisable setups for taxation and social security
  • Support for a program of reform based on design thinking
  • Study on national identification numbers

Financial Sector

(Banks, Securities, Life and non life insurance, Non bank financial institutions, etc.)

  • Support for preparation of medium-term business plans in the financial sector
  • Support for the formulation of strategy for next-generation sales offices and Internet banking
  • Support for the formulation of retail marketing strategy by a local financial institution
  • Examination of ways to bolster consumer finance business based on consumer behavior processes
  • Support for a strategic study on cards for stores participating in a credit card program
  • Support for a study on effects by new-type payment services
  • Support for promotion of business process outsourcing(BPO) by a local financial institution
  • Examination of ways to improve housing loan operations
  • Support for studies on business process reform at sales offices and next-generation sales office systems at a local financial institution
  • Examination of IT management domains and support for diagnosis of IT governance at an insurance company
  • Support for development of IT human resources by a local financial institution
  • Support for the formulation of a vision for next-generation systems
  • Design of the organizational set up for consolidation of IT subsidiaries by an insurance company
  • Division of roles between the IT division and IT subsidiary, and reconstruction of the business process,at an insurance company
  • Support for the preparation of Contigency plan(CP) and Business continuity plans(BCP) by a public financial institution
  • Support for the formulation of brand regulations
  • Support for the strengthening of internal control at an insurance company
  • Support for business studies accompanying liberalization of settlement business
  • Support for the preparation of monthly statistics in the loan industry
  • Survey of trends in IT investment among financial institutions
  • Survey on issues in personal loans
  • Examination of the social impact of legal amendments

Industrial Sector

(Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, etc.)

  • Formulation of strategy for food product distribution by a general trading firm and support for its execution
  • Support for reform of policy on sales stores at a major consumer electronics firm
  • Support for the formulation of procurement strategy and a scheme for its execution at a major manufacturer of precision equipment
  • Support for the formulation of strategy for third-party logistics(3PL) business at a major distributor
  • Support for the formulation of strategy for approach to next-generation web technology at a major communications carrier
  • Support for the formulation of strategy for business in e-books at a major communications carrier
  • Support for new business development in radio frequency identification (RFID) logistics and asset-based lending(ABL) at a major maritime transport company
  • Support for development and expansion of EC business by a major convenience store company
  • Support for the commercialization of, and development of business in, a medical information platform in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • Support for the commercialization of services to assist the job-hunting activities of new university graduates by a large educational institution
  • Support for a program to reform group-level management and the purchasing logistics process at a city gas company
  • Support for call center business process reform and definition of systemization requirements for a broadcasting company
  • Support for installation of the scheme of account settlement through "ringi" (circulation of requests) and groupware at a major real estate company
  • Support for business process reform in the business and corporate divisions of a major railway firm
  • Market survey related to e-commerce transactions(in China, the United States,France,Indonesia,Vietnam, and the Republic of Korea)for the Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry
  • Support for reform of logistical and financial affairs management for expansion of business in China by a major convenience store firm

IT and Information Strategy

  • Drafting of strategy for a next-generation information system at a financial institution
  • Support for process management in system development by a public-sector institution
  • Examination of curriculum for development of chief information officers (CIOs) and other high-level IT human resources
  • Fact-finding study concerning the state of IT use
  • Drafting of strategy for IT organization at a financial institution
  • Analysis of the effect of investment on information systems at a service supplier
  • Support for the drafting of strategy for business in sensor networks at a service supplier
  • Support for the standardization of the process of system maintenance and operation at a manufacturer
  • Support for optimization of IT assets at a public institution
  • Study on knowledge management at a public institution
  • Support for formulation of enterprise architecture(EA) plans at a public institution
  • Support for the drafting of IT strategy at a manufacturer
  • Support for preparation of business continuity plans(BCP) by a service supplier
  • Examination of the prospects for cloud application by a financial institution
  • Diagnosis of capabilities for IT utilization at a financial institution
  • Assessment of risks at a financial institution
  • Auditing of information security at a service supplier

Society, Environment and Energy

  • Feasibility studies of smart community projects inside and outside Japan
    Carbon management consulting
  • Study of application of measurement-reporting-verification(MRV) methodology
  • Carbon-offset product projects
  • Examination of a traceability system for international resource circulation
  • Study for promotion of sorted collection and recycling of containers and packing
  • Study concerning carbon capture and storage in Europe and the United States
  • Support for improvement of environmental management and quality at a major health care company
  • Support for preparation of material safety data sheets(MSDS) for chemical substances in China
  • Promotion of business in energy harvesting

Global Services

  • Export of disaster-prevention infrastructure elements to ASEAN countries
  • Survey on the facts of intercorporate transactions in other Asian countries
  • Survey on diffusion of the Japanese model for electronically recorded monetary claims in other Asian countries
  • Design of settlement infrastructures in newly emerging economies
  • Examination of strategy for China at a major distributor
  • Management of logistics and finances at a major distributor
  • Survey of the global market related to e-commerce transactions
  • Support for studies of centralization of banking business in China
  • Support for studies of core banking in Europe and Southeast Asia
  • Survey of the banking business in India
  • Survey of global cash management
  • Support for the ASEAN +3 Bond Market Forum
  • Survey on multipolar cross-border settlement

Life Sciences and Community Revitalization

  • Support for the implementation of a project to assist creation of industries
  • Support for studies of initiatives for extensive use of optical fiber networks
  • Formulation of a master plan for revitalization of central urban districts
  • Management diagnosis and support for formulation of related initiatives at a public enterprise
  • Study on implementation of more efficient local transport and commercialization of the same
  • Fact-finding survey on intellectual property strategy among small and medium enterprises, and support for such enterprises
  • Support for examination of plans for renewal of shopping districts and department stores
  • Support for a project of community revitalization through food products and establishment of direct sales outlets
  • Creation of business that stimulates agriculture and fishery applying information and communication technology
  • Study for community revitalization through promotion of arts and culture
  • Support for studies on measures for community medical services
  • Support for the drafting of a basic vision for a medical information network
  • Support for implementation of a project to bolster the emergency medical care system
  • Support for construction of a remote medical care system
  • Development of business in provision of nursing and welfare services to local aged and other residents
  • Study on total community care

Neuro Consulting

  • Promotion of sales through R&D&M innovation based on neuroconsulting
  • Promotion of open innovation in the field of neuroscience through a consortium
  • Support for the development of new products in the field of services and sales applying neuroscience
  • Construction of a framework for industry-academia partnership and project management
  • Support for joint research projects linking companies with researchers in fields such as neuroscience,psychology, and social science
  • Investigative research concerning the neuroscience field research among overseas(global) firms and research institutes
  • Investigative research concerning measurement of cerebral functions to assist industrial application of neuroscience
  • Investigative research concerning methodology for quantitative and objective assessment of stress, and development of related business
  • Investigative research concerning new screening technology for senile dementia and commercialization of the same

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