Business Outline

We constantly consider issues from the perspective of the future, and propose strategies and policies that could not emerge from thought on an extension of current lines. We design target visions for society and contribute to their realization.

  • Investigative Research
    We find paths for solution of problems by ascertaining and analyzing various trends in society and discerning directions of coming change.
  • Policy Proposals
    We apprehend the essence of the mass of socioeconomic issues and present prescriptions for action to be taken by the national government on each.
  • Conception and Drafting of Plans
    We engage in institutional design and project planning required for bringing the new social setups we devise into reality.

We support innovation that is keyed by the new value bred by information and linked to the future for companies, administrative institutions, and other organizations in all stages, from the drafting of strategy to its implementation.

  • Strategic Consulting
    • Drafting of management strategy
      We formulate strategy on both the companywide and business levels aimed at the achievement of management goals.
    • Drafting of information strategy
      We draft strategy for full use of information as a valuable management resource for acquisition of competitive advantage.
  • Business Consulting
    • Business conception and planning
      We devise new business models toward solution of issues in all industrial fields and construct concrete solutions grounded in them.
    • Promotion of business process reform
      We assist programs of reform for total optimization of business processes, inclusive of all stakeholders, in order to heighten performance on the organizational level.
  • IT Consulting
    • Planning for grand IT designs
      We devise a total vision for the information system needed for practice of the targeted management and draw road maps for the future.
    • Construction of IT management
      We conduct studies to ascertain the kind of management required for induction of effects by the information system, redefine the mission of the IT division, and prepare specific related setups and initiatives.
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