Uncertainty is increasing in the world.
We practice humane consulting from a future perspective.

Uncertainty is increasing at home and abroad. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world is facing a crisis of fragmentation again and rebuilding of supply chains, improvement of the self-sufficiency ratio in the primary energy supply and food supply, and enhanced security represent important issues. In addition, under rising prices, companies’ "ability to raise prices" and "ability to raise wage" are being called into question. In the meantime, global warming has become advanced inevitably and various technological innovations have been emerging.
In order to resolve the issues of society and companies in these times of severe change, it is necessary to develop adequate countermeasures with multiphase information analysis and insight. We will propose appropriate solutions by considering the issues from a future perspective and utilizing the advanced technology after carefully comprehending the client’s current situation. And more importantly, we will value the meetings with people and try hard to resolve issues with you.

Atsushi Miyanoya

In order to realize a rich and harmonious society.
Aiming at becoming a partner equipped with insight into the future and issue resolving ability.

The advance of technology is considerably transforming society, economics, and life. The changes that cannot be forecasted with the traditional values are occurring and the movement is being accelerated furthermore.
With major changes expected, it is necessary to design a total social system including new rules that are resolved from a foresight perspective, rather than presupposing existing systems and laws.

We NTT DATA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, Inc. will accelerate the steps as a trusted partner to provide insight into the future of technology and society and resolve issues together with clients from a global and sustainability perspective under the mission of "Creating a vision for a new society and building the Info-Future together".

Shigeki Yamaguchi
Representative Director, President and CEO

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